jewellery first appeared in Vogue magazine

(A): when your jewellery design first appeared in Vogue magazine, impressions?

(C): see my own design appears in the magazine or celebrity who, it is always exciting, but I prefer people use my design jewellery and their own style for mashup, come up with a completely own fashion style lacoste polo shirt.

(A): many Hollywood actress like your jewelry lacoste polo, such as Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria, you personally admire a bit?

(C): the problem is indeed very difficult to answer, everyone has a different style, all are using different ways to interpret this brand Vita, I can only say that Vita young women for both rock and roll, and den on elegant woman.

(A): tell me about your latest quarter works of inspiration?

(C): this quarter of jewelry, inspired by the Italian seaside those beautiful architecture in color, and the Mediterranean and the deep sea of color. It will be a very lightweight and romantic feeling, but also with little rock flavor.

(A): usually you will how to organize their day at work, what are the activities after work, how do you keep yourself relaxing State?

(C): first of all to Vita work each day is exciting and unique, each day is new! my daily work includes the design, marketing, customer service and my reseller, Hall staff to deal with.

At present, I have been very hard work, so much so that after work almost no time to do other things. See the film, the Sun and travel are the best way of leisure, travel can I get new inspiration.

(A): now that travel is your source of inspiration, that's what a holiday destination is your favorite, reasons?

(C): my favorite vacation to Europe. Because there, sitting on 2 hours of aircraft, to Italy, Spain, France and Greece in any country; a short flight to experience a different culture, is a great thing. Of course I also like buildings and beautiful buildings.

(A): building a lot of design and art forms of the originator, and your father happens to be another architect, do you think father for you and your design influences? do you have your own favorite architects, of course, in addition to the outside of your father? do you have a favorite building?

(C): I am not particularly fond of architects. Like a trip to Europe, because there's a lot of beautiful old building. I'm more interested in is the old building of the life of the residents, and they live in old buildings in the enlightenment.

I would like to gather photos, like using a lens to capture people in everyday life. In my Office, has a large collection of 60 in the last century, the 1970s European fashion photographers work.

Designer Cynthia Sakai interview

Designer Cynthia Sakai interview:

(The following short C Cynthia Sakai, Angela (A)

(A): you are 18 years old to start your own design fashion lacoste polo jewelry, what drives you to engage in this career? your first work was, at that time by?

(C): in fact, my first company is a joint sales company lacoste polo jewellery and nail polish. I had the best style is called "tampon" box, this is a stylish and can be used to hold the pads of the women. The inspiration for this series is based on making an interesting piece of jewelry, you can put it into the bag and use at any time. At that time, Nail Polish, we are very bright colors such as blue, green and pink, and other shops rarely sell similar items.

After this attempt, I set up my own showroom. In the beginning, the main route to select some high-end jewelry brand, as well as their sales to the country of our boutiques and department stores.

(A): I know that your mother had previously worked for Fendi, and your father is an architect, that they have in jewelry design to give you some idea or suggestion?

(C): Yes, mother's work and I now this career closely. Because Fendi work experience, she can always give me some useful recommendations for quality, she has its own very demanding requirements.

(A): entrepreneurship, how do you know and accept your design?

(C): when I first jewelry series produced just try to put them into some specialty stores selling, like Kitsons and Ron Herman. The results of the sold out within a few days, it makes me realize that these design on them.

independent designers popular on-line

Some people might say independent designers lacoste polo from people is, Great Lakes, but the big popular on-line, but let this distance is very small, the present economic depression, British shopping site net-a-porter.com red purple, already very illustrative. Also, I like lacoste polos weekdays in the shopping site in search of good design and the new independent designers. Recently a friend shop "Angela Ge Fashion Jewelry" one-click, found a single product in a few appreciate. In further detail here with Angela, knew these exquisite workmanship, retro and rock means both accessories, original from the New York independent jewelry Designer Cynthia Sakai.
Cynthia Sakai open their own architect career largely comes from the influence of the family. Mother long-term work for Italian brand Fendi, his father was the architect from exposure to the forefront of fashion and architecture of her, sometimes in an 18-year-old will open up your own jewelry design company. While the mother for quality needs Cynthia in jewelry design after the road has been adhering to this principle. It is a good fashion jewelry in addition to beautiful design, materials and the excellent workmanship is also indispensable conditions. So she designed jewelry, grows best in Florence Italy jewelry manufacturing group, 50 years, they have been for Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo, and other luxury brand make fashion accessories. In the selection area covers snakeskin, Sheepskin, leather, Python, crocodile leather and other precious materials, metal part is usually karat gold plated.

As an independent jewelry designers, now her design often Hollywood hot actress, Black Baliey, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, this list is sufficient to describe Cynthia Sakai's popularity, but she is more like the general public with her design of jewelry and his costume mashup, wearing's own personality.

Better is based on a misunderstanding of the independent designer's preference, or exploring the design behind the Afflatus curiosity, I still want to know more about the designers work and life of nianxiang. Depends on the New York friend Angela assistance, complete the on Cynthia Sakai my interview with many interesting conversations, maybe this will help the reader understand their work, and her work in real life.


the need to review the funding of social protection

Yvon Jacob, Chairman of the Group of industrial federations (GFI), representing approximately 80% of the sector in France, stresses the need to review the funding of social protection which weighs too much, according to him, on the cost of labour.
As you remember announcements of the President of the Republic?

The confirmation of a true understanding of the problems of French industry suffers many handicaps for many years. We can only meet us. This is part of the droit-fil a series of measures already taken, as professional tax reform or enlargement of the tax credit research. Today, I in rajouterai two which seem to me to be essential. First, clearly focusing on reducing the cost of labour by relief, one way or another, social costs. Nicolas Sarkozy has also requested the creation quick tool that could drain, better and more strongly that which exists, French savings to companies. Fifteen years ago, they face a significant decline in profitability, so their ability to invest.

unemployment has reached 10%

According to figures published yesterday by the Insee, within the meaning of the ILO, including DOM, unemployment has reached 10% in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared with 8.2% a year earlier. A back to back ten years.

Ten days of the first round of regional elections, the Government did not need it. The Insee yesterday came a little more heated table of employment situation last year. Monthly statistics of employment pole gave the feeling of a slow degradation at the end of the year. But unemployment within the meaning of the ILO, he, again strongly progressed to the fourth quarter, with its increase over one year to 1.8 point announced the Statistical Institute. He ultimately returned to its 1999 level. In metropolis, the rate is mounted averaged 9.6% in the fourth quarter of 2009, more than 2.7 million people, an increase of 0.5 points versus the third quarter. If it incorporates the overseas departments, the unemployment rate has reached threshold symbolic of 10%, rising here yet 0.5 points versus the previous quarter. The news is even worse that, in his last note of economy, mid-December, the Insee provided that France franchirait this bar 10% in June.

It takes place after a stabilisation of unemployment in the third quarter confirmed yesterday by the Insee. A stabilisation that the Government had put in connection with its measures on employment and the map collection.


courses for cardio fitness, swimming and Pilates

Victoria Beckham engages ultra-restrictifs schemes and Cameron Diaz who swallow burgers and muffins every day, we are far from balanced diet of Elle Mac Pherson. With this kind of program is excessive fatigue and bad skin. No question therefore follow their draconian schemes. Instead, it draws upon the other stars slimming methods, are all inclusive, and it takes the best. Thus, we eat his hunger while varied way musclant is a minimum for a body of goddess.

The favorite gym stars? Yoga. They practice it all! And for good reason: it allows muscler body in depth and relax. Then there are courses for cardio fitness, swimming and Pilates also. But the gym which is all the rage at the fashionistas and certainly also among the people is the legwork. Goal: walk with glamour on its heels of 10 cm tall. Ideal for fuselée leg and dandiner with sport class on the podium and the red carpet.
Sharon Stone, it has neither the time nor the desire to engage in abdos or fitness sessions. Much like us. And yet in 50 years, the actress still has everything to please. His technique: the integrative gym, Valérie Orsoni method. The coach to the stars has developed a technique for going to get thinner at each time of day. Will it to tell us more on its popular programme celebrity and we advise to have abdos dream.

follows a diet based on glycemic index foods down

If you want to track a particular star scheme, turn to top her Mac Pherson. His power is based fish, vegetables, fruits, dried fruit and some starches. Far from calculate the calories that it involves every day, the dummy is pleased by adopting a varied and balanced diet. Beware however not to ban animal as red meat or eggs that provide vitamins and iron protein.
Some stars remove their power as Jennifer Lopez sugar or not eat in micro quantity as half Moore. The shortcomings and hypoglycemia station. A woman needs 1800 calories per day, not less. It keeps the idea of reducing the amount of sugar that puts it in his coffee, but it takes care of food sufficiently.
Halle Berry, she follows a diet based on glycemic index foods down. Finished the bread, cakes and sweets. It emphasizes green vegetables, cereals, fruit, fish and white meat. If this scheme looks tempting, caution however method of cooking. The potato has a high GI when it is cooked on the stove and down when it is cooked with water.
For Madonna, is whole grains, vegetables, fish and algae. But lightweight power doesn't mean eliminate carbohydrates and lipids. The brain and muscles need to work. As the singer is quiet on pastries but we still enjoy slices of bread with the jam for breakfast.
Caroline RABOURDIN - 10/11/2009-12 h 20